Local Bank, Local Pay™

Instant low-cost retail pay-by-bank

Powered by a patented, ultra-secure, point-to-point distributed payment routing network


A low-cost, ultra-fast, and ultra-secure distributed rail for consumers and businesses to pay merchants

  • Low-cost


    Up to 1.5% savings on merchant fees while maintaining issuer fees and consumer rewards

  • Instant


    Real-time capable settlement at payment confirmation

  • Trusted


    Banking-grade security, not based on crypto or stablecoins

  • Simple


    Quick and easy setup for merchants, businesses, and consumers

A better way to pay for consumers and businesses

FinChainPay provides ultra-secure and flexible payment choices for consumers and businesses. Your payments can be linked to any of your checking, savings, loans, or even credit accounts. Simply scan the FinChainPay-generated QR code provided by the merchant and choose your payment method. How easy is that?

  • Biometric-enabled security
  • Flexible account payment choices
  • Sign up in minutes
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consumers businessesconsumers businesses

A better way to get paid for merchants

Imagine just having to provide a QR code to complete a sale and save your business up to 1.5% in merchant card fees. Get money in your bank account in real time at payment confirmation. FinChainPay was built to help merchants get paid quicker with lower fees.

  • Save on merchant card fees
  • Real-time settlement capable
  • No PoS or additional hardware required
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A better way to transactfor banks

Your customers are looking for choices when it comes to the way they want to pay and get paid for goods and services they buy and sell. FinChainPay empowers banks and credit unions to create their own credit and debit payment products for their customers, while creating additional credit and debit-like fee revenue.

  • Earn more through payment fees
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Integrated with Jack Henry, FIS, Fiserv, and more
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